Our Services

Security Consultation

Consultation is available on a complimentary basis from our Marketing and Customer Service Officers on the development of security personnel and integrated technology system to meet the client requirement or expectations based on the availability of budgets.

Internal Static Security Personnel

Uniformed security personnel — armed and unarmed are deployed 24 hours a day to provide for static guard duties at the various locations inclusive of government agencies, factories, private residences, condominium residences, shopping malls, office building and etc.

Nepal Guard

Our company are also providing Nepal Security Guards. We are approved by the Kementerian Dalam Negeri to recruit ex-Army from Nepal to be deployed as security guards in Malaysia. They are well trained in all aspect of security service and well disciplined.

Personal Bodyguards

Plainclothes armed or unarmed personal bodyguards who provide close contact protection to the dignitaries and VIP people against the threat of kidnapping or physical assault.

Security Escort Services

A popular services requested normally by the goldsmith or money changer agencies. This service provides for both armed and unarmed uniformed security personnel to provide security escorts to and from the showrooms.

Guard Dogs

The service being an ancillary service to the more popularly requested services of static security personnel provides for trained imported dogs and their handlers from our K9 units to be deployed as and when is required. The service is normally requested during the musical concerts or premises located in desolate locations.

Mobile Patrol

Mobile patrol vehicles and uniformed security personnel available for patrolling at the residential area to ensure that there are no suspicious characters lounging in or around the area. The security personnel will patrol the area at regular intervals and check that the area is free from any would prowlers.

Private Investigation

Private investigation on matrimonial matters, insurance claims, investigation on locating of displaced or absconded personnel and others are carried out by our DYNAMIC PRIVATE INVESTIGATION team made up from ex-police or experienced personnel in such matters.

Security Surveillance System

DYNAMIC GUARDFORCE provides CCTV, Burglary Alarm and Access Management System for 24 hours close monitoring around the clock located at the client premises or residences in order to track down any suspects or thefts as well as other security incidents in a split second.